New leadership needed

As a former lieutenant governor of Illinois, serving along with Gov. Jim Edgar from 1990 to 1998 and as a Republican member of the Illinois legislature for 10 years, I endorsed many Republicans running for office. Today, I write in support of the Democratic candidate in Illinois’ Sixth Congressional District, Sean Casten.

Since I left politics and pursued a career as a university president, I have watched the Republican Party drift further to the extreme and alienate moderate voters. I have watched members of my party gravitate from serving as delegates of their constituents to serving the narrow interests of Donald Trump. This year’s midterm elections affords voters of both parties the opportunity to send a message to Washington that the politics of division and self-interest must be rejected.

We have all watched Peter Roskam talk about bipartisanship and then take every opportunity to align himself with President Trump. From voting to kick thousands of Illinoisans off their health insurance, to jeopardizing coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, to authoring a tax bill that cuts taxes for large corporations and adds trillions to the deficit at the expense of middle class families, Congressman Roskam has not demonstrated an interest in working across the aisle to find bipartisan solutions.

Today, I am endorsing a man who will serve as an independent check on the president, who will provide checks and balances to a Congress out of control and who will fight for common-sense, bipartisan policies in Congress: Sean Casten. Sean’s business record and commitment to working with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are long overdue in Washington.

Bob Kustra

Boise, Idaho

Womenare our hope

Women are not receiving equal treatment or protection under the law as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Conservatives have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to attack women on hate radio since the Equal Rights Amendment. Women have been called obscene names by hate radio simply because they want the protection guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to all citizens. The intent of such attacks are made to dehumanize, debase and demean women. This encourages hatred and physical assault which are all at record levels. They are often raped again by treatment they receive by the justice system. As a result 70 percent of attacks are not reported. Vote for women. They are more kind, caring and compassionate.They are the hope of the nation.

Jim Ewart

Elk Grove Village