St. Emily School kindergarten students enjoyed an on-campus field trip to the pumpkin patch in October.

Because the students could not attend the annual field trip to the pumpkin farm, the teachers and staff created a hands-on, fun-filled day in the school courtyard with farm and pumpkin themed activities.

“Since we could not go to the pumpkin farm, we brought the farm to the students,” said kindergarten teacher Kris Tagbo.

The day’s activities included a virtual hayride, stringing autumn foam bead necklaces, teacher pumpkin-carving demonstrations, and an outdoor picnic, while surrounded by “St. Emily’s Courtyard Pumpkin Patch,” with straw bales, pumpkins, gourds, and farm scenes.

Kindergarten teacher Mallory Letica said, “We had a day filled with pumpkin carving, necklace making, virtual hay-riding, picnicking fun. The weather was perfect, and I’m so happy the kindergartners got to experience our pumpkin farm tradition.”

Each student was able to decorate a gourd and pick a pumpkin to take home.

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